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The Best-Kept
Money-Making Secrets
in the World - Until Now!

Forbidden Wealth Secrets Revealed!



Site Updated: July 14, 2013


Warning: This information revealed here is extremely controversial! Some of them are immoral and bend and even breaks rules.

The Rich Have Secrets
They're Keeping From You


In short, the rich know how to make money and they're not about to share their best money-making secrets with anyone outside their closed inner circle of wealthy friends. I'm sure you can understand why.


Rich people love to hand out advice. Ask any rich man how he got his money and he'll no doubt give you the same old line - "hard work is the key to making money."


Oh how the rich love to repeat that nonsense! Problem is - it's a lie. In fact, very few of the rich earned their fortunes through hard work. 


The fact is - most of the rich made their fortunes using secret financial and business tactics the rest of us don't even know exist! Over the decades the rich have refined and improved these closely-guarded secrets to make them even faster and more effective.


Their Secret Tactics Work Like Magic -

Yet Almost No One Knows About Them!


And best of all, these improved tactics are utterly timeless - they work in any kind of business - in good times or bad.


The result is plain for all to see - the rich get richer while the rest of us - haven't got a clue!  While the rich go on using their secrets to accumulate more and more wealth, working Americans are left to struggle and suffer. 

But then I guess you really can't blame the rich. They know that if working Americans were to discover their wealth secrets - they too could get rich and the wealthy would lose their privileged position in our culture!


It's often said that knowledge is power. But to the rich knowledge is money! So they keep these insider secrets just that - a deep, dark secret! Should some smart working stiff discover one of their secrets and use it to quickly become rich, the wealthy will take them aside and give them a simple piece of advice:

Keep Your Mouth Shut!

This is the code of silence the rich use to protect their wealth and their privileged lifestyle. By keeping the rest of us in the dark, they keep us down, struggling from paycheck to paycheck.


Do the Rich EVER Reveal Their Secrets?


Yes they do! There are two situations in which the rich will openly share their most closely-guarded financial and business secrets.


First, when the rich get together with one another they eagerly share their latest financial tricks and tactics. Within their closed inner circle of wealthy friends they happily exchange notes and the latest financial information. But they'll only open up if they're completely certain that they're with other wealthy individuals.  


I've seen this happen so many times. If a stranger should happen to wander by, the rich will quickly change the topic of discussion to sports or the weather until the stranger is once again out of listening range.


And there's the other situation in which the rich will open the books and reveal their secrets. They routinely pass their most secret financial tactics down to their children - as if they were the family jewels!

This is why so many wealthy family dynasties have remained rich generation after generation right down through the centuries. Good times and bad come and go but through it all these wealthy families go on constantly amassing more and more cash.  


If you hunger to take your personal financial situation to the next level, if you've always suspected that the rich had some secret advantage, if you're sick and tired of struggling for every dime - I've got exciting news for you!


My New Guide Picks Up Where the Other "Get Rich" Books Leave Off!


Have you ever bought a "get rich" book that promised the moon but didn't deliver? I know I have. Sure the book contained a lot of information but very little of what it revealed came from the real world, the real world of money, the real world of business.


Well my guide is unique and completely different. It contains dozens of chapters each revealing how a friend or associate of mine REALLY made their fortunes.


While I can't promise that my guide will make you rich, I can honestly promise you this - you won't find most of the information in my guide for sale anywhere else- at any price!


This Secret Information is Being Revealed to the Public -
for the Very First Time!


Here's a sample of some of the highly unusual information my guide contains:

How the rich instantly wipe away their debts (including credit card debt) without bankruptcy - They use an incredibly clever and effective lawyer's trick. Wealthy celebrities use this ploy all the time but working Americans have no idea it even exists! And best of all you can use this trick over and over with no time limits! And best of all it's 100% legal!

How one clever couple started a mail order business on their kitchen table that grew to over $13 million in sales. I'll show you how they made their fortune by giving away plastic salt and pepper shakers for only one dollar! This is the single most clever business tactics I've ever seen! If you want to create a highly-profitable mail order business - this could be your key to quick and easy success!


How a famous billionaire made his first few millions by working as a minimum-wage telephone operator - You'll laugh out loud when you read how incredibly clever this tactic is!


How one famous millionaire made his fortune by getting up one morning at 4am. This trick allowed him to steal a highly profitable property for pennies on the dollar - a property dozens of other millionaires had ignored as unprofitable.


How one man created a multi-million dollar advertising business by buying a round of beers in a local bar! This is one very clever guy let me tell you!


How the rich use a simple trick to instantly impress anyone they meet with their good breeding. Ronald Reagan used this trick to great effect and so can you!


The CIA secret the rich use to legally steal their competitor's expertise. This is really underhanded stuff! The Chinese use this same secret to get access to the most carefully guarded secrets of U.S. high tech firms. 


The rich use a master salesman's secret to quickly and easily establish their credibility and integrity with others. Incredibly effective and easy to use! This secret is so simply you can learn it in one minute flat!


The secret tactic one chiropractor used to make over $6 million without ever touching a patient! He discovered how to let others do all the work while he stayed home and cashed all the checks!


How the rich "go undercover" to learn how to make big money in any business. Billionaire Howard Hughes got his start in aviation using this trick! Very deceptive and underhanded - but highly effective!


Why deal with competition when you don't have to? The rich have discovered how to make fast money in a business that has no competition at all! It's easy - if you know how!


How the rich obtain and use fake passports they obtain in fake names! 100% Legal. This secret is well--known among high-ranking American diplomats and executives.


How the rich keep their safety deposit boxes completely safe from everyone - including the IRS! Completely legal under U.S. banking laws and IRS regulations! This is a very neat lawyer's trick!


How the rich make big money off hot trends without ever exposing themselves to the usual financial risks. They work the angles and make huge profits. Very smart move. 


How the rich crush their enemies. I hope no one ever attacks me using these methods! Please be careful using these tactics as they could be used to trash someone's entire life!


How the rich use super-secret psychological tactics to assume control of others. Newly de-classified CIA documents reveal secrets that are devastatingly effective. Can be used in financial matters very effectively!


The Wealth Mindset - How the rich REALLY think about money! They'll never tell you, that's for sure! To get rich you have to think like the rich!

How the rich quickly and easily establish rapport with anyone they meet. Very simple yet amazingly effective!


The single most effective negotiation tactic the rich use all the time but working Americans never, ever use! It's incredibly effective and can reduce an opponent to tears in ten seconds or less. I promise you - this one secret is worth far more than the price of this report!


How Sony President Akio Morita made millions by making a product that had no established market. He knew the secret no one else did! He knew the secret no one else did!


How the rich go into any project completely confident of their eventual success. (Tony Soprano used this secret to great effect!)


How an elevator made one clever fellow a millionaire! This is one of the most clever secrets of all!  


How the rich use offshore corporations to protect their privacy and avoid taxes. (Hint: Forget Switzerland and the Cayman Islands!)


The single biggest tax dodge the rich use to avoid taxation using federal regulations - and very few people know this massive tax loophole exists! The rich use this trick to save billions in taxes. (Hint: The U.S. government will willingly exempt you from 19 kinds of federal tax under their own rules!)


The CIA spy-recruitment secret the rich use to climb inside people's minds and learn their most secret motivations and vulnerabilities! Very sophisticated stuff!


How the rich open anonymous numbered bank accounts with as little as $100 - and the banker didn't even bother asking their name! (Hint: These kinds of accounts are no longer available in Switzerland.)


How one man made millions by driving across a bridge in the dead of night! A very profitable tactic.


The secret truth behind the "build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door" myth. The rich know the secret of getting the world to beat a path to you!


How the rich make fast fortunes dealing in desires rather than needs. They know why people will spend much more freely on desires and how to profit from this secret.

I wasn't born with money but I have the next best thing - I have rich friends, lots of them! I've spent a lot of time with them, I've eaten countless dinners with them, traveled with them and even vacationed with them. I know how they think. I know their attitudes. And above all - I know how they REALLY made their fortunes! Their friendship was my ticket into their secret and closely-guarded world.


Through them I've learned what few people outside their inner circles know. I learned that the wealthy have a completely different way of looking at money than the rest of us who work for a living. 


Of course I've used their wealth tactics to make money for myself and the results have been amazing. I soon quit my old job, paid off all my debts and have been able to afford to travel all over the world. I bought a comfortable condo for cash and best of all my time is my own. I answer to no one. I have the kind of personal and financial freedom most people only dream of. Like everything else in life - It's easy - if you know how!


I'm my own man - and let me tell you - the feeling that gives me is absolutely priceless! You should see how others treat me now. I get instant respect in any situation - including from family members, business people - and also from members of the opposite sex! (The ladies just LOVE successful guys!)


Forget Everything You Think You Know About Making Money!

Forget all the financial advice you�ve ever heard. Forget everything you�ve ever read in a book or magazine about how to get rich. Forget what your banker told you. Forget what your friends told you. (Unless they're millionaires!) Forget it all!


Get an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Hidden Wealth Secrets!



The rich want to keep you in the dark, they want you to remain a confused, broke wage slave always struggling to pay your bills. They want to keep you living from paycheck to paycheck.   

You Don't Even Know These Secrets Exist!


You�re about to discover things you were never supposed to see! This is real no-nonsense, insider information -secret financial tactics that have been carefully hidden from your eyes for far too long!

To discover all their secrets NOW - Click Here > Wealth Secrets.

This is Secret Information You Can't Buy Anywhere Else
- Not For Any Price!


"Where did you get this stuff? I've read a ton of so-called "secrets" books but your information is really different! This stuff I can really use. Thanks man!

- Ron M., Elmira, New York


I've written down everything my rich friends have taught me about money in a concise, easy-to-understand guide that's packed with genuine insider knowledge - hidden money secrets people like us were never supposed to see.

It's called "Wealth Secrets from the Inner Circle" and it contains everything I learned with nothing held back. It's 174 pages are jam-packed with the same money-making tactics the rich used to make their own fortunes. Why go through years of struggling to discover these secrets for yourself - when you don't have to?


174 Pages of Secret "Insider" Tactics


These aren't the same tired old financial tactics you read everywhere else - that's for sure! These are actual case histories of how real people got rich in the real world. These are simple yet powerful tactics that anyone can use to make money with little or no work or very little cash.    

Live Life On Your Own Terms for a Change!

This is a once-in-lifetime opportunity to climb inside the minds of successful millionaires and uncover their most closely-guarded money secrets! Whatever you do - don't let this unique opportunity pass you by!

My Guide Picks Up Where the Other
"Get Rich" Books Leave Off!

Others have spent thousands attending over-priced "get rich" seminars but came away with only a tiny fraction of the wealth secrets my book provides. Now you can have everything right at your fingertips for a small fraction of what the seminars charge!


This is a GOLDEN Opportunity!


And since my guide is available in downloadable form, you can have it all right at your fingertips in three minutes or less! Then you can take your time to read it and print it out as it comes in the widely used PDF format. 

Order right now at the special introductory price of only $14.95! (Soon we�ll be increasing the price back to it�s full price of $39.) So be sure to Order NOW!

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